What Do You Think Science Is?

My five year-old, ‘buddy’, knows that I ‘do science’, but does he know what science is? He is now desperately asking is this science, is that science? Of course, the answer is usually yes! Interestingly he knows volcanoes, space, electricity, chemicals and blood are all part of science but was surprised to learn that elephants were also science.

A great little video to show little kids is ‘Science’ by Small Potatoes, created by Josh Selig. It’s very cute to hear what small children think science is. Enjoy the video (if you are time poor or don’t like kids music make sure you at least listen to the intro then the outro at 2:14).

[all credits Josh Selig]

Ask your children: what do you think science is?

To all of the scientists out there: why do you like being a scientist? (Do check out 2:14 in the video for the context to this question).

Please respond below.

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