Gone Fishing

I’ve been fishing and while pulling in snapper has been the biggest thrill the most interesting for myself and 5 year old ‘buddy’ was pulling in a leatherjacket.


Seeing such a different fish, particularly when we started to clean it, the questions started to fly from ‘buddy’:

“Why is it so colourful?”

“Why does it have a leatherjacket and not scales?”

“Why does it have a ‘trigger’ on its head?”

“Why does it have such large teeth?”

“Why does it have those funny spikes on its tail?”

“What is that inside it?”

I knew a couple of the answers but my general knowledge wasn’t the important thing here. What was important was the opportunity for ‘buddy’ to see something new that piqued his interest; to ask the questions why? why? why? ; and to broach topics such as anatomy and adaptation.

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