Science Dress Up

Welcome to the CrookED Science 4 Parents blog and this inaugural post! The posts within this blog will hopefully help stimulate discussion and fascination with science between parents/carers and their children.

IMG_2128A couple of characters who may pop up now and then are ‘buddy’ and ‘mate’, my two boys, and the inspiration behind this first post.

Many families have a ‘dress up box’, often containing outfits for superheroes, fairies, princesses, pirates etc. Can I recommend that you also add lab coats (or simply white coats) and goggles. That way kids can also dress up as (mad) scientists, inventors, doctors, vets and more.

All children know of doctors and vets but do they realise they are scientists, that they had to study science? Do they have an idea of what science is (the subject of my next post)?

[PS – I have know shares or interests in lab coat manufacturing 🙂 ]