Chemical Alphabet

I often play word games with ‘buddy’ (aged 5) to help reinforce his alphabet and have some fun. Today, while we were taking it in turns to name words beginning with ‘A’ then words beginning with ‘B’ once ‘A’s’ were exhausted, ‘buddy’ challenged me to name a chemical for every letter of the alphabet. I was quite interested that he volunteered this idea without any prompting and was curious about his sense of chemicals (see earlier post What do you think science is?).

Taking up the challenge, where possible, I tried to say chemicals that he had some experience of:

A = aluminium (as in Al foil)
B = bicarbonate soda (as in DIY volcanoes)
C = carbon (as in carbon dioxide)
and so on.


Interesting points to note:

– he was quite surprised when I said Gold for ‘G’; this was a great opportunity to discuss that all things are made of chemicals.

– I found ‘J’ quite tricky and cheated by saying ‘jasper’ as a mineral (not quite a pure chemical).

– this was a great way to start talking about the atmosphere and what we breathe when we reached ‘N’ and ‘O’.

Do you play any similar games?

Please share any science-based literacy games that you use.


Kids love dinosaurs and there’s a lot of fun we can have with names, words and jokes that sound like dinosaurs e.g. Doyouthinkhesawus and this pic (source unknown).