What Happens When You Crack An Egg Underwater?

The Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences presents “The Egg”, a video short from the 2011 BIOS Explorer program’s “Water Moves” series. Watch what happens when they¬†crack open a raw egg 60 feet (20 meters) below the surface!

The yellow yolk suspended in the clear albumen floats and wobbles like a melted wax blob in a lava lamp. The diver then forcefully claps the egg between his palms into a seemingly cloudy dust for a theatrical finish.

For more information about why the egg behaves like it does, as well as further videos in the series, visit www.bios.edu!

Water droplets explode off a geckos’ back

New research from scientists in Queensland, Australia, has revealed that geckos are so water-repellant that liquid explodes off them, taking dirt with it. This the first self-cleaning vertebrate ever found.

This slow motion video is minimalistic to say the least and has no sound. However, it is almost soothing – one could imagine a Pink Floyd soundtrack behind it, maybe Echoes.